Why is dental cleaning important?

Sometimes bad breath is more than just “doggy breath”, but can be a sign of dental disease.  We will do a full physical exam to determine the cause of the bad breath.  Most pets with bad breath require a dental to fully clean their teeth.

Dental disease not only affects the health of the teeth, but the bacteria present from infected teeth can get into the blood stream and lead to heart and kidney disease.  It is also painful to our pets to have loose or infected teeth, they just have a hard time showing it to us!

If your pet’s teeth are becoming dirty and are full of tarter then it is time for a full cleaning.  We use anesthesia to fully sedate your pet, which allows us to examine all the teeth above and below the gum line.  Dental x-rays can be taken to evaluate the health of the roots where abscesses often start.  We clean all our pets’ teeth with an ultrasonic scaler, polish them, and only pull the teeth that are infected.  Some pets require yearly dental cleanings and we can tell you how often your pet really needs their teeth cleaned.